Our Plan

Create business relationship and opportunities that empower communities around the world and make PRACTICAL ease for them to attain the purpose of human life.


Shaykh Khalid Yasin

As salaamu alaykum:
Dear Brothers and Sisters:
Since 1980, I have been very fortunate, to have traveled to more than ninety-seven countries, removing misconceptions and distortions about Islam and Muslims and advising young people, in particular, about
developing a life plan and understanding the principles of social responsibility and good citizenship.
In 1994, I delivered a lecture in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, titled: What is the Purpose of Life and to date over 75,000 persons have embraced Islam and millions of people’s lives have been impacted by that one lecture.
In 2020, I completed a manuscript titled: Islam, America and The World, which is available on Amazon and other global book distributors, and that book serves as point of clarification and insight into a very important and critical topic in our contemporary world.
I have now turned my attention towards providing inspiration and motivation to young people around the world, some of who are angry, confused and, in many cases, unsure about their future, and therefore, become candidates for various forms of extremism, and anti-social behavior in their countries.
We have now developed and launched, a powerful and effective entrepreneurship certificate program, titled: Jam Institute, with offices in the UAE, Turkey, Libya, Egypt, and the USA. Now, we want to launch our program in Nigeria, the most populated country on the African continent, where 60% of the population are young people.
I intend to make a six-week tour, which will include, visits to the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Turkey, and the UAE, to further the objectives of our entrepreneurship certificate program, however, I really need your support!
If you are familiar with my work over last forty years, or you are one of those persons whom I have impacted in some way, at this time, I sincerely request your support and/or your
sponsorship of this very important tour.

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Our Objective

To create the trusted and secured relationship and platforms that will link Global businesses with the young and vibrant population in developing countries across the world. This will help businesses get cheaper services while helping Talents earn better. Everybody wins.

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